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Our Dental Team

Dr. Scott Hill

Dr. Hill's Team

Valerie, Kristi, Tara; in front: Melissa, Nikki, Brandi, Scott, April, Stephanie, Tammy

Dr. Leslie Siegfried

Dr. Siegfried is now certified for dermal injections like Jeuveau and filler. Call today for more information.

Dr. Siegfried's Team

Julie, Jennifer B. Leslie, Kelsey, Jennifer A. Jessie (Not pictured: Kayla)

Dr. DJ Glover

Dr. Glover's Team

Mandy, Melisa, DJ, Leah

A Letter from Dr. Matt Moudy

Dear Patients,

This is Dr. Moudy and I wanted to let you know of some changes that will be taking place at HMS Dental.

I have been in Cabot doing dentistry now for over 16 years. I have given my heart and my soul to this practice. I have been able to build so many relationships that will last a lifetime. I have no regrets.

With that being said, I have decided to start a new chapter in my life with my family. I will be doing a lot less dentistry as I pursue a new non-dental related business with my family that hopefully my kids will be a part of in the future. I have felt a stirring for a few years now that God may have some new career adventures ahead. God has opened those doors.

I will not leave dentistry behind completely and will continue in a limited capacity. I will be transitioning my practice over to Dr. DJ Glover in February. Dr. Glover has been with us here for 3+ years. I would only leave my practice to someone I trust 100%.  He has the same faith and values as me. He will always put the patient first with nothing but integrity.

Thank you so much for trusting me and my staff for 16 years with your dental care. My staff, which are the best around, will continue to make you feel at home. Thanks again.


Dr. Moudy

Dr. Moudy's Team

Valerie, Rebecca, Kristi, Amy, Matt, Natalie, Tanya, Tara, Kinisha